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      Welcome to Haiyu Machinery

      Jiangsu Haiyu Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in Dec. 11th, 2006, is a private technology-based business dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of precision forged items such as universal joints, gearwheels, shafts, etc. It is located in Chenbao Industrial Zone of Xinghua City, which is a “land of fishes and rice” and also the hometown of Zhen Banqiao. It has the capacity of manufacturing more than ten million pieces of forged items per year and its products are widely used in automobiles, mining machinery, mechanical equipment and pumps.

      With a registered capital of RMB11.88 million Yuan, our company currently has 160 employees, including 15 medium and senior level technical workers, 28 backbone technical specialists and 72 people of college a…

      Add:Chenbao Town Industrial Zone, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province
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